Crosby Designs, LLC

Crosby Designs, LLC, is a boutique interior design studio in Alexandria, Virginia, founded in 2007 by Maria Crosby Pollard. Our projects are high-end residential design. Our work includes a creative use of color and furniture in every style and period. The range of our projects is a little bohemian & eclectic, to very elegant & sophisticated with fine antiques, to edited and minimal without sacrificing warmth. We believe in tailoring our interiors to reflect the personalities of our clients: modern. traditional. neutral. colorful. casual. formal. We like it all, with a twist and a creative approach. Our use of custom “one-of-a-kind” touches sets our projects apart as curated rather than instant.  Our projects typically encompass an entire home, or at least a significant part of the public spaces.

Maria Crosby Pollard

I have young children, as do many of our clients. We endeavor to bring an elevated sense of style to family living. I believe that children and beautiful interiors are not mutually exclusive: we use fine things in ways that don't limit our clients’ fun. While I do enjoy some fancy things, Fine doesn't have to mean formal, at all. What I love most about my own living room coffee table is that we can dance on it!

My background in drawing and painting and the decorative arts, heavily influences our process and the composition in our designs. Our recent work includes projects in Washington and Virginia as well as  Aspen, Sea Island, Locust Valley, Cashiers, NC and Rehoboth Beach. I enjoy extensive collaboration with architects on ground-up construction as well as total renovations. Before starting my studio in Old Town, Alexandria in 2007, I worked in New York for 10 years with some of the better-known firms in the country: Cullman & Kravis, David Easton, Charlotte Moss, and Katie Ridder, all regularly listed in the shelter magazines’ “top designers.”

My colleagues, Sarah Bideau and Jennifer Glade bring their experience and enthusiasm to everything they do. They help me to realize my vision in each and every project and contribute their ideas, their organization and their wonderful energy in a way that makes my job as a designer a joy and my job possible. We have incredible accounting staff and many beloved vendors who I have worked with for years. We have collaborated with some of the finest architects and contractors wherever our projects have taken us. These industry relationships enrich what we do at every step.

Our clients are phenomenal. They are typically enthusiastic, involved and trusting. Some love "the process" and some love that they can chose to hand it all off to us. We are on 2nd and 3rd projects with several of our clients. As their lives or families grow and change or new traditions are embraced, they include us in their journeys with the privilege of helping to create their homes. Our new work has been all word of mouth. Happy clients and their completed homes are the bedrock of our success. 

Sarah Bideau

Sarah began her career in D.C. in Marketing Communications and after a few years realized that she wanted to make a change and decided to pursue her love of design. Sarah attended The George Washington University and graduated in May 2018 with a Master's degree in Interior Architecture and Design. Sarah joined the team at Crosby Designs, LLC shortly after graduation as design assistant. Aside from her love of design, Sarah enjoys cooking and traveling with her husband and dog.


Jennifer joined our team in 2018 as our Office Manager. Jennifer’s education in math & statistics as well as a professional background that includes account and staff management made her a a very logical fit for the role in our office; her personality and style make her ideal! With 6 (SIX) children, she is right at home in the fast paced/multi-tasking environment of a busy design studio. Jennifer enjoyed her former role as a studio manager for another small local business but was ready to take on more responsibilities and office time, so the stars aligned and our team grew! Originally from the Midwest,  Jennifer and her husband have lived in NOVA for nearly 20 years and 11 of those years have been in Alexandria.